How much does it cost to ride a boat in chicago?

Valid for travel between two CWT dock locations. While Airbnb has some boats or yachts that you can sleep on during the night at the marina, they don't allow you to go out on the boat. In fact, the playground hosts the largest annual boat party in all of Chicago, dubbed the Chicago Scene Boat Party. Although the seasons are open for sailing all year round in Illinois, the best time of year to enjoy the water and find a boat rental in Chicago is during the summer season.

Like the lake, boat traffic on the Chicago River becomes congested during the seasonal months and requires cautious navigation. Whether you're looking to rent a boat for a bachelorette party in Chicago or a birthday party, there are some very popular days to rent a boat and get out on the water. The Chicago children's park is recognized as one of the city's largest boat party venues and the most popular spot for summer sailing. If you want to visit one of Chicago's most popular sailing destinations, rent a boat to visit the children's playground.