What is a boat ride called?

Cruise (sea), trips of a few days or more by boat. A trip on a cruise ship, ocean liner, ferry or any other maritime passenger vessel. A mooring is a section of dock where captains park their boats. The dock can refer to the general area of the marina where the boats are moored (let's go down to the dock), as well as the flat floating structure itself (this dock is badly damaged).

A marina's docks can encompass its jetties, the linear dock, the fuel dock, the boat dock, and sometimes the ship's store or office. You can find studs (ideally), electrical connections, or water connections near your slip. In addition, you can find a dock cart for carrying equipment or supplies, an ice machine, and restrooms on the dock. For boat trips, a tourist boat is usually used, but sometimes adapted amphibious vehicles or specially designed amphibious buses are used.

As you move from the transom, the two sides of a ship curve to meet at the bow, forming the shape of a ship's hull. When sailing, you'll find cleats both onboard the boat and at the dock, and when docking, the bow line, stern line and spring lines will secure the boat to the dock by making a quick cleat knot at each. To reduce hull weakening due to water or ultraviolet light, boat manufacturers or owners will paint the hull of a fiberglass boat with Gelcoat, which requires repair if damaged while underway or docking.