What should a pleasure boat meeting a ferry of a vessel in tow do?

A pleasure boat should also be kept away from the docked ferry, transit ferry, or towed boats. Watch for sound signals from shuttles. Note that a long gust indicates that the ferry is leaving the dock. Stay away from the ferry or tugboat.

When approaching a narrow channel, stay starboard and, with a prolonged gust, announce your approach to any ships that may be around the curve. When operating within a narrow channel, vessels should be kept as close as is safe and practical to the outer boundary of a narrow channel to starboard. What does it mean to give right of way to another boat? You need to make sure that they can maintain their current course and speed, which can mean substantially altering your course in a way that is free for the standing boat. A ship “not under control” means that an unexpected circumstance prevents the boat from maneuvering, such as an engine or steering failure.

Surprisingly, most recreational boaters are unfamiliar with road navigation rules, which causes confusion and makes their boating experience less safe and more stressful.