Would you like to go on a boat tour ielts?

Answer — Yes, of course, I would like to take a boat tour as long as I have enough time for this activity. I want to spend some time with nature because many of my friends often plan to go on a cruise and, from time to time, have parties on the cruise ship. So I would also like to enjoy this activity. No, I don't usually travel by boat because I live in the city and there is no requirement or facility to travel by boat here.

Answer: well, people use boats for different occasions, in my country most people's livelihoods are fishing for that purpose, people who reside in a coastal area will definitely have boats and use them l. Answer - Not most, but a myriad of Indians have their own boats, especially fishermen, they have their own boats because their vocation is related to it. Answer - To be honest, I would love to go by plane, although the boat tour would be good, it's exciting and the experience and scenery are incredible. Yes, I would love to take a boat tour staying on a cruise ship so I can enjoy the starry night in the waters.

No, owning a boat is not easy, as it requires excessive money and proper rules must be met to buy a boat. Answer — Very rarely, but I liked to go on a boat, since I mentioned that every time I visited my maternal uncle's house at the time, I traveled by boat. Answer — I actually want a car, not a boat because I live in an urban area where everyone has vehicles, so it makes my journey easier. I think I should go for a car, not a boat, because buying a boat is absolutely unnecessary for me.

Answer — I would probably give it to people who make a living with the boat, or I will donate my boat to other areas where there are not enough boats.