How much is a boat tour in paris?

The price of a scenic cruise on the Seine River depends on the company chosen. The Bateaux-Mouches waterfront cruise costs 14 euros for adults (from 12 years old). And if this is your first time exploring the city, a boat trip on the Seine or another waterway is something I definitely recommend. This is the oldest company operating cruises on the Seine River, which began service after World War II, and these ships have become something of a symbol of Paris.

Yes, I think it refers specifically to Bateaux Mouches boats, since their boats are wheelchair accessible and the ground floors are accessible. Most of the French capital's “top attraction lists” suggest a boat tour of the Seine or other waterways of Paris. I never took advantage of a boat trip on the Seine because I used to walk it very often and saw many parts of it when I lived in Paris. Canauxrama is one of the main companies that offer tours of the canals of Paris, but they also offer panoramic tours along the Seine River.

These shared boat tours are a cost-effective way to enjoy several historic Paris attractions from the water. Bateaux Mouches has some of the larger boats that are easy to spot because they are large double-decker convertible boats with orange seats. This former palace is also impressive from the outside, so keep your cameras handy when you stop by during your Paris boat tour.