What are boat trips called?

Cruise (sea), trips of a few days or more by boat. A trip on a cruise ship, ocean liner, ferry or any other maritime passenger vessel. Whether you're traveling on an expensive cruise ship or a cargo ship, traveling by boat is traveling by boat. It's vital to pack sparingly, avoid motion sickness, and spend pennies on board in moderation to enjoy your offshore adventure.

If you prefer to travel on the water, consider adding a boat adventure to your itinerary. Designed for travelers looking to jump between islands or sail the world, these tours will include a variety of vessels, from ferry transportation to small charter yachts or river boats. For boat trips, a tourist boat is usually used, but sometimes adapted amphibious vehicles or specially designed amphibious buses are used. Packing with a backpack is smart for traveling by boat because it can be difficult to get your things in a cozy boat dock (bedroom or cabin), just as accessing your things in a hostel can be problematic.

Cargo ships travel the same seas as their luxury sisters on cruise lines, such as Cunard, but there the similarities of boat travel only begin.